Frequently In My Ask Box: Answered

If I referred you here, I get asked whatever you asked too much and I don’t feel like answering.

Compliments: Thank you sososososo much. Saying “thank you” to every one gets tedious. So here’s one big thanks to all of you. You guys are awesome :D

Check out my blog/Follow back/Promo me? I try my best to check out everyone who follows me. Very occasionally I might miss someone and if you ask, I will. But chances are I already have. I only follow back if I like you and I never promo so ew don’t ask. (Sometimes I post my crushes. I guess that counts)

Arguing with me: Idk I probably got annoyed with you because you were being a douchedick. So piss off. Toodles~

You’re not a Harry Potter blog anymore (whine whine whine): Despite what my url and blog name might imply, I was never a Harry Potter blog. This was always just a whatever-I-feel-like-posting blog. Yes, there was a time when I posted primarily Harry Potter but that’s just because I wanted to. I still love Harry Potter and still post it, but the series is over and I’m moving on with my life.

You post too much Harry Potter/Harry Potter sucks: Shut up

That post you made really offended me: I don’t care.

Questions regarding my sexuality: Labels are gay, bro.