Life update

College is going well but I do miss home. There is next to no diversity at this school and some of the people are racist, sexist, or homophobic (or all three hahaha). My roommates are really cool but I miss the privacy of my own space. I have one class that doesn’t feel remedial and the professor is so cool which I only know because I found her Twitter and tumblr and she’s basically me in 10 years. My floormates are savages and there are currently two couches stacked in front of my door, but yeah, college is going well. I miss having conversations, followers. How are you guys doing? Quit being so silent.

I love women and I love that we can be such varied individuals and I love that that is being represented more and more in books and movies and on tv and I just want the world to know how awesome women are because we are fucking amazing like wow go us