plot twist: there are no clones. they are all the split personalties of a single mental patient suffering from a severe form of split personality disorder. dr. leekie is her psychiatrist and helena is really the personality created to help her get rid of all the other personalities. everything is a lie.

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That woman you called a bitch? That’s Alison Hendrix. She’s also a lover, a child and a mother. She’s a sinner and a saint. She doesn’t feel ashamed.

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Original opinion

I don’t get why there is a whole thing on who is the “original,” because it seems like they weren’t copied from any one person, but just created from the same set of dna. Some people think sarah is the original because of the biological daughter thing, but i figure that’s because she went “in the black”
If we can assume what the birth mother said was true, sarah was also a product of science, not the original.
Unless I’m understanding wrong it doesn’t make sense for there to be an original.


i think i may have joined a cult

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alison hendrix talking to a train: you take my beth away

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french girls are so confusing because it’s like, yeah, you kissed me on the cheek, but is it because you want in my pants or because you’re just being european?? the struggle is so real dude

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I feel like I’m the only fan in all of cloneclub that does not ship Cophine at all

I just don’t like Delphine at all and i think the whole “i was just using you before but now I’m in love with you and on your side” thing is dumb and cosima deserves a better love interest

Science teacher: Name one cloning experimentation.
Me: Tatiana Maslany
Science teacher: What?
Me: What?