if a guy calls you hot, he’s complimenting your body.

if a guy calls you cute, he’s complimenting your face.

but if a guy calls you shrexy, he’s complimenting each and every one of your layers

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A haiku about Mario Kart
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Thanks for the suggestions, guys

I guess I’ll go with the stuffed animal idea because I’ve got a big one with a big hole coincidentally in its crotch region. But really, thanks. I was actually stressing over that.

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Tbh my greatest worry right now is how I’m gonna bring my sex toys to college without my parents seeing them

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Unpopular opinion time: I think Looking for Alaska was better

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Unpopular opinion

I hate Ariana Grande’s singing. She always sounds really nasally.
I feel like Andre and the mean girl were the only Victorious kids that could actually sing

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