Instead of answering the twenty or so messages inquiring after my UChicago decision (thank you so much for caring, lovelies—your kind words have been incredible so I thank you again times a million!), I’ll just say it here: I got rejected from the University of Chicago.

Am I bummed? A little…

I have not been blogging much, and I’m sorry about that

I’ve just been lazy/under a lot of stress lately! Regular activity to resume in no time! (pinky promise)

Dartmouth to open LGBT+ student residence


Dartmouth College has announced plans to open a student residence specifically for LGBT+ students by fall 2014.

The residence building will be called the Triangle House, after the upside-down triangles LGBT people had to wear during the Holocaust that have since been reclaimed as symbols of unity and liberation.

It will include townhouse-style rental units where students can live, in addition to a communal kitchen plus rooms and meeting spaces for academic or social activities. Students will have to apply for one of the 27 residential spots, which are open to “any student who is committed and interested in learning about the queer community and being an advocate for the queer community,” including non-LGBT students. 

The only other area allocated to LGBT student living is a gender neutral floor in McLane Hall reserved for sophomores, juniors and seniors. The floor will remain gender neutral after Triangle House opens, but Wooten said he imagines the floor becoming a space where early conversations about gender and identity will take place among students. It could even become a floor for first-year students, but that hasn’t been decided yet.

The house is also exciting for alumni, said alumna Caroline Kerr, president of the Dartmouth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Alumni Association. Numerous alumni have worked with Dartmouth administrators to help design the structure and programming of the house, said Kerr, a 2005 graduate.

Um, I would have absolutely loved living in a place like this in college. Would you live in a space like the Triangle House? Why or why not?

Putting all the queer people in one place so we knew exactly who our dating/hook-up options are…geniusss! Lol guess i applied to the right school